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C++ / OpenGL / QT

For my graduate-level graphics course CIS 5600: Interactive Computer Graphics, I independently implemented a mesh editor application that replicated the 3D computer graphics application Autodesk Maya.  This supported various features such as a polar camera, multiple file type processing (OBJ, JSON), topology-editing functions and linear-blend skinning.


My responsibilities included: 

  • Polar Camera 

  • File Import 

  • Shader-Based Skin Deformation 

  • All GUI QT Elements   

    • Coordinate Spinboxes

    • Function Buttons

    • Mesh Component Lists

    • Joint Tree 

  • Topology-Editing Functions 

  • Topology-Editing Functions 

    • Using 2D L-systems, I procedurally generated branching rivers that carved themselves out of the surface terrain.  ​This helped to create interesting biomes in the game. 

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