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Motion Builder

Motion Builder / Vicon Motion Capture / Shogun Live 

For my graduate-level graphics course CIS 5620:  Computer Animation, I worked with Autodesk Motion Builder, a 3D character animation software, in order to make 2 different computer animations.

These two animations include: 



  • A cross blend between motion capture actions  

    • In order to capture the MoCap data, one of my friends wore a MoCap suit and performed various actions while be recorded by the Vicon Motion Capture system and Shogun Live software.  Afterwards, using Motion Builder, I cut the BioVision Hierarchy (BVH) motion capture data into separate motion files and then blended them together using cross blends in order to create one seamless performance. Finally, I retargeted the blended motion onto a character model and rendered the final product.  

  • A key frame walk cycle    

    • Using Motion Builder, I set various key frames by posing the character model using Forward Kinematic (FK) and Inverse Kinematic (IK) poses.  After creating my key frames, I animated a simple pose-to-pose walk cycle. ​​

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