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Here is a collection of some of the games I've worked on!


C++ / OpenGL / GLSL/ QT

Worked in a group of 3 to implement a miniature version of the popular computer game, Minecraft.  Explore beautiful biomes, collect various block materials, and build! Responsible for efficient terrain generation, multi-threading, 2D L-systems, procedurally generated and placed assets, inventory system, GUI, and an onscreen cross hair.


Physics Invaders

Unity 3D / C#

A physically-based reimagined version of the popular Atari-age game, Space Invaders. In this version, you play as a little dog who is hungry for heart-shaped treats. Maneuver around enemy bullets and collect as many points as possible by firing at rows of descending treats and knocking fallen goodies into your doggy bag. 

Physics Invaders Screenshot.png

Sneaky Stacks

Unreal Engine 5

Worked in a team of 3 to develop Sneaky Stacks, an original game. In Sneaky Stacks, you play as a stack of small children in a trench coat trying to sneak into a movie. Grow your stack by enlisting the help of other children throughout the theater.  Be careful though - the theater is full of mean adults who are trying to catch sneaky kids just like you!  


Star Catcher

Unity 3D / C# / SteamVR / HTC VIVE 

Worked in a team of 3 to develop Star Catcher,  an original VR  game  made for the HTC VIVE headset and hand controller system. In Star Catcher, you play as a young child whose goal is to fill up their star jar with starlight. Protect your jar from falling meteors and catching various falling stars and firefly powerups before time runs out. 

Star Catcher thumbnail.png


Unity 3D / C#  

Worked with partner to develop Seafarer, a stylistically rendered, procedurally generated, infinite boat simulator. In Seafarer,  you navigate a boat through an serene, ever-expanding sea scape featuring two  biomes, custom  shaders, and various procedurally placed assets.

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