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Coding Projects

Here is a collection of some of the code I've worked on!


C++ / OpenGL / GLSL / QT 

Implemented a mesh-editor application in the style of Autodesk Maya, complete with various features such as a half-edge data structure, a GUI for easy mesh editing (i.e.  vertex, edge, face, and joint manipulation), Catmull-Clark subdivision, and various file type support (i.e. OBJ and JSON). 


Monte Carlo Path Tracer

C++ / OpenGL / GLSL / QT

Created a GPU-Based Monte Carlo Path Tracer. This included a variety of light integrators (i.e. naive, simple direct sampling, multiple importance sampling, full/global illumination), light sources (area, point, spot light, etc.), and BxDFs,  


PBR Shader

C++ / OpenGL / GLSL / QT

Created an OpenGL shader that implemented a microfacet material BSDF using plastic and metallic BRDFs, pre-computed glossy and diffuse irradiance, and both normal and displacement mapping.

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