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My name is Debby - a lover of animation, games, and creative tech! 

I am a current senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) in Digital Media Design at the University of Pennsylvania. I am deeply passionate about art, communication, and computer science - especially in the field of computer graphics. 

I currently work as a Teaching Assistant for the Game Design Practicum course at UPenn (CIS 5680). Outside of the classroom, I serve as the Creative Director of the West Philly Swingers swing dance troupe as well as a co-Founder, Producer, and Head of Communications and Marketing at Pencil Bite Studios, a student-run independent animation studio. I am also deeply passionate about AAPI and LGBTQIA+ activism and push for inclusion and equity through my work in groups like the Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative (APALI), the Spice Collective, Penn Queer & Asian, and Penn's Association for Gender Equity.

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